Dear Fellow Homeschooler,

Thank you for your interest in the Christian Home Educators’ Support System (CHESS).  We know, firsthand, what a huge impact homeschooling has on all aspects of a family’s life.  It is such a blessing, yet it can be overwhelming.  Finding a network to support you in the calling that God has placed on your family can be so important to your efforts.

We are first and foremost, an exclusively Christian organization.  While we do not all belong to the same church, we all belong to the same Savior.  We share the common faith and goal of imparting that faith upon our children.

In that spirit, we have several programs and activities in which we share the joy and responsibility to help our families grow in knowledge and wisdom.  Below are some popular programs we currently sponsor:

Mom’s Night Out
Field trips
Park days
Teen socials
High School Graduation
CHESS newsletter
Co-op Groups

Co-op Groups – CHESS currently offers two Co-op Groups within the greater Killeen area.  One group meets on Thursday afternoons in Killeen and the other group meets on Friday mornings in Copperas Cove.  Each offers a wide range of classes taught by homeschool parents.

We hope that all your questions have been answered.  If not, feel free to contact us by email by filling out the form in our “Contact Us” page.

If you decide to join us, please check our registration page for information.


The CHESS Board